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As we continued to test the Simplemounts throughout our product development we realized how limiting the “Flat surface only” application was. As most modern cars have center dash areas composed of only compound curves. As well as the potential for slightly textured or curved surfaces around your home or workplace. As a result we made the decision to use a thicker 3M tape than we were using with our beta prototypes. This additional thickness can account for, or absorb a slight curvature. Making it possible to mount Simplemounts in a much wider range of locations!

The Simplemounts will now work on lightly curved surfaces. As well as lightly textured surfaces, as long as they are still rigid! However, while the primary portrait orientation of the device remains entirely unhindered.


With big heavy phones (Phablets), and sometimes with regular sized smartphones with bulky cases, the horizontal orientation will not work as well. The additional thickness of the tape makes it slightly pliable and can sometimes cause it to sag under the high cantilevered weight of the phone.

We have a simple solution to this. If you have a large or heavy phone, (iphone 6+ or Galaxy Note, etc). Just install the Linkmount higher up on the phone (about a third of the way up). While you lose the vertical “skype/facetime stand” you can mount it horizontally without any sagging issues. The ring still works great for holding your phone securely as does the primary landscape stand. And the Leash functionality also remains entirely unhindered.


If you have a very large device or a heavy case on your regular sized device and are unsure where to Install the Linkmount please feel free to message us! :) Another note, if your car or environment is extremely hot, wait for the AC to cool it down before mounting any sized phone in the horizontal orientation, as the tape may be very soft from the heat. This does not affect the adhesion, simply the pliability of the tape. Mounting it in portrait mode will remain unaffected.

Alcohol Prep pad:


As we have continued to test and Beta test the various aspects of the Linkmount System throughout the last year we had one incident (out of 100's of applications) where the Alcohol swab began to remove the paint/finish on the center console/dash of the car: It was a 2007 Ford F-150.Therefore we advice you to first test the swab in a discreet area to make sure the surface finish is not extremely susceptible to isopropyl alcohol. If it is, or if you are worried about it you may use a mild household cleaner; followed by a wet paper towel, instead of the alcohol swab to clean the surface. Just be thorough.



The Leash has a formidable breaking point considering the small size of the mechanism. However the system has been designed to withstand the force horizontally coming off the phone, such as it would if you drop the phone while the leash is around your wrist. Or connected to a belt loop or purse strap.

Using the leash to extract your phone from say, your pocket while seated puts extreme strain on the Linkmount in an upward direction. (Perpendicular to the phone), and may eventually cause the mechanism to weaken or fail.

Using the Leash to remove the phone from your pocket while standing is not a problem.

As a final thought, please remember we made this device as small as possible and packed as much functionality in as we could to justify it’s place on the object you likely use the most. Your phone! However If you abuse your Linkmount and really want to try to break it you will likely succeed. Treat it with care and it will work great!